Tow Platforms and Publishers Timeline

The timeline below identifies key developments in the relationship between technology platforms and news publishers. Though this timeline was originally created to monitor shifts and trends in the social media platform landscape, it has been expanded to also incorporate developments related to artificial intelligence technologies.

This timeline contains updates related to the following categories, as they relate to platforms and publishers: advertising products; AI and automation tools; algorithm updates; “alt-tech” platforms; advancements in augmented and virtual reality; audience engagement; bugs, glitches and issues; business developments; content moderation; the impacts of COVID-19; data and security issues; elections and civic integrity; advancements in the “fediverse”; mis- and disinformation; company mission statements; partnerships between platforms and/or publishers; philanthropic endeavors by platforms; competition between platforms; instances in which platforms act as publishers; changes in platform personnel; platforms’ internal policy changes; product rollouts or updates; regulations and legal disputes; research and investigations; and revenue and funding. You can learn more about how we define our categories here.

You can filter the timeline to search by specific platforms. Updates that pertain broadly to all social media platforms can be found under Social platforms; updates that pertain to all AI companies are filed under AI companies and Newsroom tools captures publishers’ in-house technology developments.

This timeline is currently maintained by Klaudia Jaźwińska and will be updated at the beginning of every month. We welcome feedback or input on any missed developments.

Source: Tow Center for Digital Journalism. Research by Nushin Rashidian / Interactive by Jon Keegan